Welcome to My Holistic Therapy Website!

My name is Maggie and I am passionate about helping others to feel better, balanced and happy!

I offer a range of holistic therapies to balance and restore the body, mind and spirit, which I can tailor to suit your individual needs. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, stress relief, or to improve a particular issue, I can assist you with this.
I can advise you on which treatment you may benefit most from.

I can also offer mini taster treatments to give you an insight before committing to a full treatment if you would prefer.If I feel you require additional support I can guide you to other professionals who can assist you further.

Before commencing the first treatment I will carry out a consultation to ensure that it is safe for you to have holistic therapies and in order to make me aware of any adaptations that may be required.
Following after your therapy you’ll have time to relax, drink some water and ask any questions you may have before leaving.

I work from my home in Bedford where I have a designated therapy room.